Acquired Taste exhibition – Fullerton, CA

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My work is currently being featured at an exhibition entitled ACQUIRED TASTE: Food and the Art of Consumption at the Begovich Gallet at Cal State Fullerton through December 8. If you’re in the area, check it out for me.


When I grow up…

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From Latterman’s “Video Games and Fantasy Novels are Fucking Awesome.”



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Cool things come to those who make

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For whatever reason I tend to get floods of inspiration during two specific times of day: right before bed (dozing off) and while walking my dog. Since the former requires rolling over and sketching while falling asleep, I tend only to reap the benefits of dog walk ideas.

Last summer on one of these walks, I had this quick idea of how to create angled parallel lines in Illustrator. I came home and knocked it out and within a half hour or so I had this nifty little design. I went ahead and came up with a quick palette and for the hell of it, made it into a gig poster for the band Ra Ra Riot. Why? I’d just heard they’d scheduled a show in Boston, and I’m quite fond of them.

About a month later I get an email from the band’s manager saying they’d like to license the art for shirts for the tour. (Cue idiotic jumping around.) We made a deal and tomorrow night they’re playing Letterman. How cool is that?

The moral is simple: make fun stuff. Get it out there. The right people may find it and one of your favorite bands may have your art on their shirt.

Out for a bit

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Just a quick note that I’ll be relaxing in the air-conditioned wonder land of Florida for the next few weeks. I’ll be back on July 1st, ready for action!

See you then.

Want A Private Facebook? Use “Stealth Mode”

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Recent changes to the Facebook Terms of Service have caused a torrent of controversy. Everyone from blogger to US Senator is railing against the new privacy terms of the world’s largest social network causing everything from deleted (or is that just deactivated?) accounts to total indifference. There are dozens of posts on how to reclaim your information, lock down your settings or just quit it all together. But even as ludicrous as their new terms are and how little time I spend on Facebook (maybe weekly check-ins), it’s still a valuable tool for me to keep in touch with my diaspora of friends.

So I’ve found a simple solution: just use “stealth mode” in your browser. Touted as being useful for planning parties, buying gifts (wink, wink),  it allows you to browse without the worry of a trail of embarrassing URLs lingering in the history. More importantly, it deletes all cookies created while you’re “stealth.” As a bonus, when you exit “stealth,” you’re automatically logged out of Facebook to minimize the amount of info sent back to the mothership.

How to start “stealth mode”:

Mozilla Firefox (3.5 or better)

Ctrl(Cmd) + Shft+ P

Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE8 or better)

Windows: Ctrl + Shft+ P

Google Chrome (1.0 or better)

Ctrl(Cmd) + Shift + N

Apple Safari (2.0 or better, though some cookies may be saved)

Ctrl(Cmd) + Shift + P

Happy Evacuation Day!

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Leatherface and Bridge & Tunnel at Harper’s Ferry

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Leatherface and Bridge & Tunnel photographed for Guttersnipe News.

Two weeks in the sun

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After 1400 miles in the car with my wife and our dog, we’ve arrived in Florida to spend Christmas with the family and enjoy wearing shorts for a few weeks. While I won’t be working, I will certainly be in email and phone contact over the break. See you after the first!

The hottest thing to hit Slovakia since the Mongols

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Seems a logo a did a few years back has found a home on a Slovakian logo design website. Check it out:

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