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The Lobster Pot in Provincetown.



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Camera Refresher

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This afternoon I came across a Lomo Fisheye camera I’d picked up a few years back in a drawer in my office. Some time ago, I dropped it and the lens popped open, spilling its elements in my driveway. I pieced it back together, but never took any more pictures with it, assuming they’d look terrible. So I took it apart, played with the optics and fastened a new little lens for an old digital camera with a terrible sensor. I have to say, I impressed the hell out of myself with the results.

Tea Time

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On Wednesday morning, I made the trek into the city to take in the carnival that is the Tear Party Express. Sarah and her band of misfits pulled into town for a show. I brought along my camera and recorder and made a Soundslide.

Check it out.

Food Porn

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Mexican-style roasted pork chunks (carnitas.) Tender, crispy, delicious.

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An Open Road is Hope

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Photo by Ollie Craford. Lyrics by Defiance, Ohio.

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Kitchen Stereogram

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Kitchen Stereogram

Cross your eyes to see my kitchen in stunning 3-D!  Click to embiggen.

Washington Statue, Boston Common

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