Cool things come to those who make

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For whatever reason I tend to get floods of inspiration during two specific times of day: right before bed (dozing off) and while walking my dog. Since the former requires rolling over and sketching while falling asleep, I tend only to reap the benefits of dog walk ideas.

Last summer on one of these walks, I had this quick idea of how to create angled parallel lines in Illustrator. I came home and knocked it out and within a half hour or so I had this nifty little design. I went ahead and came up with a quick palette and for the hell of it, made it into a gig poster for the band Ra Ra Riot. Why? I’d just heard they’d scheduled a show in Boston, and I’m quite fond of them.

About a month later I get an email from the band’s manager saying they’d like to license the art for shirts for the tour. (Cue idiotic jumping around.) We made a deal and tomorrow night they’re playing Letterman. How cool is that?

The moral is simple: make fun stuff. Get it out there. The right people may find it and one of your favorite bands may have your art on their shirt.

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