Is that a real poncho?

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Want A Private Facebook? Use “Stealth Mode”

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Recent changes to the Facebook Terms of Service have caused a torrent of controversy. Everyone from blogger to US Senator is railing against the new privacy terms of the world’s largest social network causing everything from deleted (or is that just deactivated?) accounts to total indifference. There are dozens of posts on how to reclaim your information, lock down your settings or just quit it all together. But even as ludicrous as their new terms are and how little time I spend on Facebook (maybe weekly check-ins), it’s still a valuable tool for me to keep in touch with my diaspora of friends.

So I’ve found a simple solution: just use “stealth mode” in your browser. Touted as being useful for planning parties, buying gifts (wink, wink),  it allows you to browse without the worry of a trail of embarrassing URLs lingering in the history. More importantly, it deletes all cookies created while you’re “stealth.” As a bonus, when you exit “stealth,” you’re automatically logged out of Facebook to minimize the amount of info sent back to the mothership.

How to start “stealth mode”:

Mozilla Firefox (3.5 or better)

Ctrl(Cmd) + Shft+ P

Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE8 or better)

Windows: Ctrl + Shft+ P

Google Chrome (1.0 or better)

Ctrl(Cmd) + Shift + N

Apple Safari (2.0 or better, though some cookies may be saved)

Ctrl(Cmd) + Shift + P

Sprouting Poster Design

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Poster concept for Cambridge Youth Programs.

I love when a sketch starts this strong.

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