Boomerang Phone

02/28/2010 at 22:26 | Posted in General | 3 Comments

While this isn’t something that really warrants being on a design blog, I’m too grateful not to make mention of it in the most public forum I’ve got.

About two months ago I found myself at the Watertown RMV going through the motions of registering my car when I misplaced my phone. I was using it to look up an address and had it sitting in front of me at a stand-up desk and I’m pretty certain I left it there. I asked my teller, the man at the information booth, and peeked all around the area. Poof. It was gone. I sent a few texts to the phone informing its new owner of reward if they just tuned it over. Nothing. I went ahead an reported it lost and looked for an alternative, resigning to the fact that my phone was long gone. I wound up buying the cheapest prepaid handset I could find until I decided what I wanted to do. Within a few weeks, I’d grown accustomed to my crappy new handset and kind of forgot about the old girl. Then I got a strange call from my mom.

She said Verizon had gotten in touch with her to have her tell me that someone had my phone. I called her back to figure out the cryptic voice mail she’d left. So some poor lady bought my phone of the turd that swiped it on where else, eBay. After having problems activating it, she got in touch with Verizon and they told her it was reported stolen and they couldn’t let her use it. In an amazing stroke of luck they gave her my mom’s number and was put in touch with me. She told me her story and I felt terrible for her. She’d bought it as a gift for her daughter and now was out whatever she’d paid. I offered to send her a check to cover shipping and she declined.

Last week I received the pictured package with my phone neatly packed inside. And when I fired it up? All my contacts, pictures, and settings.

Last September, my wife and I flew out to Akron for a wedding. While we were in the Cleveland area we kept noting how genuinely nice everyone was; that midwestern hospitality you’ve always heard of. And Stephanie from Avon Park, OH is cut from the same hearty cloth. It’s little things like this that further my belief that good people are everywhere but it’s just the schmucks that make the 11 o’clock news.

Thanks for proving me right, Stephanie. You are awesome.



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  2. Thanks for the uplifting story!

  3. dailymotion

    Boomerang Phone | Strictly Commercial

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