Boomerang Phone

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While this isn’t something that really warrants being on a design blog, I’m too grateful not to make mention of it in the most public forum I’ve got.

About two months ago I found myself at the Watertown RMV going through the motions of registering my car when I misplaced my phone. I was using it to look up an address and had it sitting in front of me at a stand-up desk and I’m pretty certain I left it there. I asked my teller, the man at the information booth, and peeked all around the area. Poof. It was gone. I sent a few texts to the phone informing its new owner of reward if they just tuned it over. Nothing. I went ahead an reported it lost and looked for an alternative, resigning to the fact that my phone was long gone. I wound up buying the cheapest prepaid handset I could find until I decided what I wanted to do. Within a few weeks, I’d grown accustomed to my crappy new handset and kind of forgot about the old girl. Then I got a strange call from my mom.

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Hot Pockets Poster

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Ingredient list for Ham & Cheese Hot Pockets

UPDATE: Due to overwhelming demand, a limited edition screen print is now available. Get one!

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