Sketches #1

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Illustrated Quotes #2

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Magic Routine

“Everything is magic until it becomes routine.”

Second in a series.

Taste Test: Moxie

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Yesterday, while browsing the local Market Basket, I came across a one liter bottle of Moxie. I did a double take, thinking I’d read the label wrong. It was Moxie. I thought for certain this stuff had disappeared sometime in the 40’s when the FDA started cracking down on “elixir” drinks that contained stuff like cocaine, lead, and turpentine. Naturally, being a sucker for kitsch, I got some.

I gave it all night to get properly cold and cracked into it this afternoon. The smell from the opening of the bottle was a surprisingly generic cola smell; sweet and brown. When I poured it in the glass it “opened up” with a very cough syrupy nose. Think cherry menthol. Upon tasting it, I was quite surprised. The medicinal smell gave way to an herbal, pungent flavor combined with a simple cola. Sort of a less sweet, more simple root beer. This must be due to the “gentian root.” Apparently, this is the main ingredient in angostura bitters, a common cocktail mixer. However, the flavor of it works to compliment the sweetness with more of a curious tone than an offensive one.


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Longboard Boston Poster

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Longboard Boston-rough up

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