Reuse your Pledge Fabric Sweeper

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So we’ve got a dog. And a couch. And man does she love that couch. And man does her fur get all over it. A few weeks back we were gifted on of these nifty Pledge Fabric Sweepers. While they don’t work as well as a sticky-sheet rollers, they work quite well, but once they get even a small amount of hair in them they tend to spread it all over your fabric. When I consulted the box about cleaning it out, I found only this:

Simply throw the sweeper away when it is full.

You’re kidding, right? So after a little tinkering, I figured out how to clean this puppy out.


First, look closely at the end of the rollers. You”l find one small tab and one larger tab on each end. Push down on the small tab side and pop it out.


Repeat on the other side.


Then use the crevice tool on your vacuum and suck out all the hair. Hell, you can probably just use your hand. However, a little vacuum action is good for cleaning out stuck hair in the rollers.


Now pop your pieces back in. As before, there’s a small and large tab hole on each side. Just line them up and pop them back in.

Congrats, you just saved yourself $5.

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