Stop entering your voicemail PIN

05/07/2009 at 13:52 | Posted in How-to | 1 Comment
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Photo courtesy of Victory for the People

Photo courtesy of Victory for the People

This is something I’ve been doing on my phone since I had a PrimeCo flip phone back in 1998. I got tired of having to use a PIN on my own cell, so I came up with this little trick.

First, set up one of your single-digit speed dials for Voicemail. Just enter your mobile number (including area code) with one small addition: after the number, enter two 2-second pauses. Typically you find these in the options menu when you’re entering a number.

After the two pauses put in your PIN followed by #. This is under the assumption that your carrier’s voicemail asks you to “enter your PIN and press #.” Example 3528675309TT1234# where TT is the pause and 1234 is your PIN.

Now, when you speed dial that number you’re connected straight to voicemail without having to fumble with your phone.


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