On the move

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Follow me on my move to Boston. Check out www.twitter.com/getjustin for all the fun updates!

Elotes and livestock: The Starr County Fair

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Every year around the end of February, the Starr County Fair would take the City of Rio Grande, Texas by storm. It was three days of cultural debauchery. In a town so small, isolated nearly an hour from a city of over 15,000 people, this was indeed an event to behold.

The real kick-off came the weekend before the start of the fair at the Wild Game Dinner. For a mere $10 you were granted the privilege of wandering a prefab fair expo hall to taste every South Texas critter someone could get their hands/rifle/trap/boots on. Continue Reading Elotes and livestock: The Starr County Fair…

Stop entering your voicemail PIN

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Photo courtesy of Victory for the People

Photo courtesy of Victory for the People

This is something I’ve been doing on my phone since I had a PrimeCo flip phone back in 1998. I got tired of having to use a PIN on my own cell, so I came up with this little trick.

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Slight change of plans

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So  a little over a month after that last post, I’ve got things in order. Firstly, no WordPress portfolio. After exhaustively scouring both free and paid theme options, I couldn’t find something that would let me integrate portfolio and blog content the way I wanted to, so I’m going to use two separate sites. Secondly, I’m not going to run WordPress on my server. I was running into a number of administrative hurdles that I just couldn’t wrap my head around, so for now the blog will be run through WordPress.com with forwarding.

Additionally, I’m really close to having my portfolio redesigned. I played around with the design and code for about two weeks and got it to where I want it. Now it’s just a matter of collecting and sizing up all the goodies to  put on there. I’d say I’m about 80% complete and hope to roll it out before the end of the month (and my move to Boston.)

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