Fresh and Rusty

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We after a few months of being without a website (now without a domain thanks to the lovely folks at who bought it up to force my hand into another year of poor service) I’ve been banging around a lot of different ways to get myself back on the ol’ intertubes. I was going to just try and find a decent host to upload the portfolio page I already had, but decided that’s not really working for me. I feel as though my site, despite how much I like the look, is just  a stale, marble statue of a website. It was coded in HTML using tables and Flash galleries. This is partly because I needed to make something like this for a class I was taking and partly because I liked the look. I wasn’t thinking ahead, though.

My portfolio has grown and improved, but a change requires going in and editing a Flash gallery and about 5 static HTML pages. That’s for every entry in every category. I shudder to think. I want this next incarnation to be something I can change on a whim; add content to easily and be more than just a portfolio. That’s why I’m going with WordPress.

I’ve found some hosts who have the WordPress backend built into their service, making adding and editing customized themes, adding content and publishing a blog a snap. I tinkered with Sqaurespace for a while, but I feel their service is in the range of overkill for what I’m going to be doing.

In all, I’m really looking forward to making this  something more than just a portfolio, or another silly blog where I wonder out loud about what I’m going to make for dinner. Expect humor, opinion, design features, reviews, links, , how-to, stock images, and maybe a bad Photoshop contest entry or two.

It feels good to blog again.

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